1. 6 more alarms.
  2. Choose which day it will beep.
  3. Snooze 1, 5 and 10 minutes.
  4. Optionally enter random code to turn off the alarm.
  5. Monophonic tone, midi and mp3 support.
  6. Each alarm has its own tone. Also you can override the individual tone with a global one.
  7. Change the Layout of the application (this is needed to support some older OS version and trackweel models).

  8. 8700 users: Press Menu then Switch Layout. Now you will have tabs on top. Scroll the trackweel to select the alarm you want, then press Alt+trackweel to move the focus to the config area. If you have problem selecting hours or minutes go to Menu then Swith Time Format to get them as separate fields.
  1. You can download it here: MyAlarm (alx and cod) or the Jad file and the cod file
    Unzip the file, and use Desktop Manager to install it. If you have a Mac look the PocketMac link. If you want to use the jad and cod file see here: Install jad and cod file
  3. If you like it please donate here
  1. The Blackberry Pearl only has one alarm. If you need more you can fill your calendar with reminders. So I decide to made a simple alarm program. This application has evolved with the ideas of the Blackberry Pinstack comunity.
  2. As far as I know this app works on Blackberry 8700, 8100 (Perl), 8800 and 8300 using Blackberry OS 4.2 or newer.
  3. If you try it in other Blackberry model, please let me know to add it to this list.
  4. In BB OS 4.5 you need to enable the firewall (Options, Security Options, Firewall) to avoid a dialog box asking for permissions to access your alarm tone.
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